Our Vision and Mission


Make human lives more convenient and secure by accelerating automation of repetitive tasks.


Our mission is to create automation products that are both secure and dependable, utilizing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to handle repetitive tasks, and enhance customer satisfaction by providing exceptional support services that improve their overall experience.


The Beginning

ATOM8 was established in 2018. The company’s goal is to make high quality and reliable smart home automation products in the mid-price range segment which lies between cheap chinese brands and expensive western brands.

About Us

The ATOM8 team comprises industry leading experts in hardware, software, mechanical and operations. We experimented with the chinese products available in the market which are unreliable and have low life time because of the quality of the electronics. On the other hand top western brands are very reliable but they put a hole in the pocket due to their prohibitive costs. To address this we needed to design, engineer our product in house which helps us ensure all the products are highly reliable and are of the highest quality while keeping the pricing affordable.

We regularly collect feedback from customers to make improvements continuously and also customise our products for customers with special requirements.


First Launch

ATOM8’s initial products were ready within a year. ATOM8 launched its product for a set of 50 pilot customers in February 2019. This launch turned out to be a success with the pilot customers.

In March of 2019, with growing requests from customers for integration with voice assistants, ATOM8 launched integration with voice assistants like Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google home. Amazon Echo (Alexa) till date seems to be the most popular way customers interact with ATOM8 devices.

In May of 2019 ATOM8 launched the products on e-commerce platforms and sold over 500 products within 6 months. This launch also brought out some glitches in the products when installed in industrial areas with noisy electrical grids. The ATOM8 hardware team had to visit these remote industrial areas with their oscilloscope and other testing equipment to understand and solve the glitches. These turned out to be pivotal moments to the ATOM8 team and changed the way the team built hardware.

ATOM8 launches Smart Plugs

In August 2019, within 6 months of the first launch, ATOM8 launched 2 new products 10A and 16A smart plugs. The smart plugs were an immediate success and ATOM8 sold over 1000 products.


End to End Automation for Villas

In May 2020, ATOM8 Provided end to end automation for a 112 villa project with each villa being 3 Floor 4 BHK.

1st Sales Milestone

ATOM8 crossed over 1000+ smart home installations across india.

2021 - ATOM8 v2

Redesign ATOM8

In February 2021, ATOM8 started redesigning the products for industrial areas and other harsh conditions and launched ATOM8 v2 products in December 2021.


To make the hardware highly reliable and of very high quality care has to be taken during
  • Design and test the circuits not just for functionality but for immunity to external noise or Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and for how its affects its neighbouring devices or Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Component selection phase to use components of very high quality and high Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and
  • Manufacture with the right class of PCB with correct IPC standards.
ATOM8 v2 products are designed and manufactured keeping all three of the above in mind by a highly skilled hardware team.


There are three software components which makes up any IOT based smart home automation system
  • The software that runs on the device called the Firmware
  • The software that runs on the smartphones, Android and iOs apps and
  • The software that runs on the cloud to give access to devices over the internet
All of the above components were designed and built by the most skilled team for 99.99% availability. This article provides a detailed overview of the different availability software and hardware are designed for.

Addition to the core team

In 2021, ATOM8 upgraded into a company called ATOM8 ROBOTIC LABS PRIVATE LIMITED and expanded its sales team.


Redesigned ATOM8 app for better user experience

Launched a new product Trio Spin with 5 speed fan control

In February 2022, ATOM8 launched a new product which can not only turn on/off appliances but also control the speed of the fan from App, Voice commands as well as physical regulator.

Launched a Video doorbell security product

In Jan 2022, ATOM8 launched a video doorbell product for security. The product features some cutting edge features like
  • A long range ringer called chime which is the replacement of an actual doorbell.
  • A motion sensor, with configurable sensitivity, which captures video and photos when a motion is detected
  • On device recording of videos with an SD card.
  • Real Time video streaming over smart phone over wifi as well as over the internet and
  • On board batteries to power the video doorbell during power outages etc…

Expansion into B2B market segment

Demonstrated the solid team and products to Asia’s leading builder and won over their hearts to secure an end to end automation and security contract for all the apartments in the entire builder project.

Launched world’s thinnest 16A retrofit module

In August 2022, ATOM8 hardware team showed its engineering capability by launching the thinnest heavy duty water heater module which fits behind any switchboard with inbuilt energy monitoring and Real Time clock (RTC) for schedules to work without internet. This defined the specifications for all future product development of ATOM8.

Launched a long range IR Blaster

In November 2022, ATOM8 launched a long range IR Blaster with over 8m of range and 360 degrees coverage. This features inbuilt Real Time clock (RTC) for schedules to work without internet, support for AC, TV and STB (Set Top Boxes) and provision to update device software over the air (OTA)

Why Choose Us

At Atom8 are passionate about what we do. We translate the best ideas into pragmatic, executable solutions that solve our customer’s problems.

Customer Centric

Customer-Centric Approach

From a small room to villas, Atom8 products are designed to address all your home automation needs. We ensure that our clients receive the highest quality products & services.

Customer-Centric Approach

From a small room to villas, Atom8 products are designed to address all your home automation needs. We ensure that our clients receive the highest quality products & services.

Customer Centric
Customer Centric

Customer-Centric Approach

From a small room to villas, Atom8 products are designed to address all your home automation needs. We ensure that our clients receive the highest quality products & services.

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