Getting Started

What is home automation?

Home Automation is the term used to automate homes making them smart. It involves either controlling and automating the lighting, HVAC devices like air-conditioning and home appliances like refrigerator or providing better security through surveillance, secured access to homes, hazard detection, etc. Check out wikipedia for more info

What automation does ATOM8 provide?

ATOM8 provides two types of home automation. The first suite of products provide you automation and control on all types of electrical devices at home. Second suite of products helps you make your homes more secure. Check out our Products page for more details.

Does it fit in existing home?

Yes, it fits in most of the existing Indian homes seamlessly.

Do I need to redo wiring or it retrofits?

In most of the homes, there is no re-wiring required. ATOM8 products work on majorly wireless technologies and does not need change in electrical re-wiring at home. It is designed to make lives easier.

Product Functionalities

What are the products offered?

Please refer to the Products section to know about our offerings and new upcoming products.

What's in the box?

We provide all the components and a setup guide needed with the device to help you install and setup ATOM8 yourself.

For what devices would it work?

It works seamlessly on Lighting, Fan, TV, Washing Machine, Microwave, Geyser an all your other Home Appliances.

Can I regulate fans?


How about fridge, iron, mixer etc... Are the supported?

Yes, you can switch on or off any device through right set of ATOM8.

How about phone chargers, laptop chargers etc...?

Of-course, yes.

Do I need internet connection?

You need a Wi-Fi router setup to control ATOM8 devices. You do not need active internet connection to control ATOM8 devices from inside the home. Though, you need active internet connection to control them from outside home

What are the technologies involved?

ATOM8 depends majorly on wireless technologies likes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to stay connected to you.

What are the safety of using these wireless signals?

ATOM8 uses wireless technologies which are thoroughly certified for home usage.

What happens when there is no internet connectivity?

You will still be able to control the devices from inside your home

How do I know about all functionalities scheduling, moods etc..?

ATOM8 provides an user-intuitive app and easy to setup steps to help you enjoy all the functionalities we provide. In case you need any help using it, you can always reach out to our support team which is available 24*7.

Will ATOM8 give me accurate electricity bill?

ATOM8 would not give you the exact electricity bill. It will only provide you trends on electricity usage by specific devices that ATOM8 controls.

Do I get new features and updates over time like a smartphone?

Over-the-air is a technology which helps ATOM8 upgrade your ATOM8 system as and when we build more useful and cool features, you would get them free of cost with no re-installation or physical setup.

What are the different priviliges of using ATOM8 app and how do I manage them?

Our system provides an admin role who can control all ATOM8 devices and give permissions to control ATOM8 as a user role. User role can also control ATOM8 devices but cannot authorize any one else for device usage.

How do I save electricity with ATOM8?

With ATOM8’s artificial intelligence system, you are notified about high electricity using devices and recommendations to cut down on them. All you need is to follow them.

Installation and Support

Can I install it myself?

Yes, but we recommend you to seek electrician’s help to set it up. Don’t worry, we offer FREE installation.

Where can I find ATOM8 technician to install?

Contact our support team to find out your nearest Atom8 Technician.

How do I setup ATOM8 device on my smartphone app?

Our app is super intuitive to help you setup ATOM8 devices without any confusion within few minutes.

Other warranty and guarantee details?

We provide free 30 Days money back guarantee for all our products; No questions asked. Please refer to our Support page or the setup guide provided with the ATOM8 device for more details.

Have trouble operating?

Contact our support team and we will provide you support within 24 hours.

Wi-fi network issues?

Call your wifi provider and for more assistance call our support number ASAP and we will provide you support within 24 hours.

What happens during electricity cut?

The ATOM8 devices will not function while the electricity is not present. While the electricity is back, ATOM8 takes less than a minute to get back to function with the exact state it was in before electricity cut.
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