Redefine your Smart-Home with Exciting IFTTT Automations!


IFTTT (IF This Then That) is a web service that allows users to create conditional operations, called applets, which connect and enable communication between, two or more services that would not necessarily interact with each other. These applets consist of a trigger-action structure. A certain event (trigger) will set into execution one or more actions. Each IFTTT service comes with a set of triggers and actions that can be customised to fit your needs and create powerful automation for your devices.

Image of IFTTT example automation services

ATOM8 Service

The ATOM8 service on IFTTT allows users to automate their ATOM8 devices. Additionally, it allows you to connect your ATOM8 devices to a large number of internet services. Users can create applets and connect their devices to a variety of online services, building effective automation for their homes.


Actions are the tasks you would like to be executed at a certain time. ATOM8 provides users with 2 actions:

  1. Switch on/off your devices (for all devices)
  2. Set the speed of your fan devices (for fan devices only)

To use these actions, select the “ATOM8 Smart Homes” service under the action selector and then choose the desired action. Following selection, you may be prompted to connect to the service. This link will redirect you to an authentication page where you must log in with the same email ID registered with ATOM8. After logging in, you will be prompted with 2 drop-down lists. The first lists all your devices, while the second allows you to choose the action to take on the selected device. Finally, save your applet and test it out!


Triggers are specific events that determine when and how to execute an action. ATOM8 provides users with a trigger that fires when their device is either turned on or off. One can use this, connected with multiple actions, to create applets that provide increased convenience and productivity!

Configure these triggers in your applet via the ATOM8 service. After authentication, select the appropriate trigger, which should redirect you to a page for customization. Choose the required device and settings, then configure some actions for when that trigger fires, and save. Your applet is ready for use!

Applet Examples

Using applets is easy and convenient. Once you log in, you can create a custom applet, or browse through pre-made options, and select the one that fits your needs. Creating an applet is just a few simple clicks away. To start, choose a trigger, connect to the service (if applicable) and configure it. After that, select one or more actions and select the relevant parameters for each one. Finally, save your applet and enable it on the corresponding devices. The applet now connects your trigger and action service through IFTTT for powerful automation and convenience!

There are multiple applets to create and choose from. Following, are a few ATOM8 applets that we think are interesting and practical for everyday use:

  • Set your fan speed according to the weather with the use of ATOM8 actions and the local weather app triggers
  • Make a note every time your device is turned on using the ATOM8 triggers and Google Doc action
  • Configure your house lights or other devices to turn on when you are close to reaching home
  • Automatically turn off a charging outlet once your phone has been fully charged with Phone triggers
  • Use ATOM8 triggers and actions on two devices to turn one on/off every time the other does the same
  • Control your lights based on local sunrise or sunset timings with Weather triggers

Besides, there are endless possibilities for applet configurations, with new triggers and actions being released regularly. Choose from a variety of applets or create your own and redefine your home automation with IFTTT and ATOM8.