Smart home automation to save money?

The rising prices of energy and environmental concern are the top priority of everyone’s agenda. Out of the power that an average household consumes, much of it is wasted. Our lifestyle habits such as forgetting to turn off the television or lights while leaving the room, worsen the issue. This makes energy efficiency a must. An increasing number of people are upgrading to energy-efficient products these days because of numerous reasons. A cutting edge technology that is now gaining momentum in India can be a boon for all of us- Smart homes.

The smart home technology is one that allows people to control their energy usage through various smart devices. You can turn off the appliances when not in use with just a click on your smartphone. If you forgot to turn off the air conditioner while leaving office, you could simply do that through the smart home application on your phone. Hence, it eliminates the energy drain caused by idling appliances.

Benefits of using energy-efficient home automation devices

Reducing your utility bills and save money

As a homeowner, energy expenditures can make up a significant portion of your recurring monthly expenses. With home automation, smart devices consume less energy throughout their service lives without sacrificing on quality. Hence, they are a remarkable way to save on your monthly energy costs.

Making your home eco-friendly

As a global community, we have slowly started waking up to the stark reality of the environmental havoc we have created in the past decades. Today, we all have the responsibility of building a greener future for our planet. Smart appliances can make our home eco-friendly by saving on energy usage. This is a part of a wider transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Power-saving strategies using home automation to save money

1. Scheduling:

You can easily design personalized schedules. This helps you control the time when the appliances turn on and off, be it dishwashers, geyser, coffee-maker, and much more. Setting such a routine allows you to stay stress-free and saves energy.

2. Using automatic power-down modes:

There are many appliances, primarily those that are remotely controlled, that consume energy even when they are not actively in use. By automatically turning off loads when not in use, the system can provide energy savings in homes and offices. Devices such as air-conditioners, gaming consoles, space heaters, dryers, and others may have this mode.

3. Operate appliances during off-peak times:

Appliances such as washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers often run at the same time in different households across an electrical grid. This creates a peak demand for energy during specific times of the day. With smart home technology, you can create smart routines to schedule appliances to run at that time of the day when the demand is low.

4. Save energy with voice controlled devices:

Smart homes allow you to control the devices with voice control via Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The devices that Atom8 offers, apart from being robust and retrofit solutions, are also compatible with voice assistants. This way, you can turn off any appliance when not in use, simply by talking to your home!

5. Power monitoring feature:

In order to take full advantage of the smart devices, you need to know which devices consume the most energy. This excellent feature keeps you informed about the power each appliance is consuming. This allows you to keep track of the appliances that consume more energy than they’re supposed to, and need to be replaced.

6. Artificial Intelligence Technology of smart devices:

With the help of AI technology, you can easily track all the activities of your device through a connected mobile application. It offers round the clock troubleshooting by monitoring the energy usage and usage patterns of the appliances. This allows it to make recommendations when any smart appliance is consuming more energy, or if it is inactive so that you can switch it off.

Final thoughts

Smart homes try to follow your living habits and get your home to be more in tune with them. It is no surprise that installing smart home technology in your home would conserve energy, up to 30-40% at times. Moreover, it will give you complete control over appliances like never before.