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Voice assistants- Control your home appliances with voice commands

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After a long day at work, all we wish to do is laze around instead of mundane tasks like adjusting the shades. Imagine getting home after a tiring day at work, then having everything turn on — from adjusting the lights to room temperature to playing music — on simple voice command. This is not a peek into the future, but the present. Though the connected or smart home market in India is in its nascent stage, it shows enormous potential. Voice assistants are an increasingly vital element in the smart home, providing interoperability platforms. They enable seamless control of the whole smart home.

The new generation of connected home appliances is deeply integrated with a voice-based smart assistant like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With the growing sophistication and intelligence of smart home technology, these devices are becoming increasingly popular. Put simply; these devices are to the connected home what the brain is to the human body. They are the center point of the system that connects all essential functions. The entity itself would be of little use without it.

Voice assistants and smart homes

By installing a smart hub that talks to your voice assistant, you can manage your smart home with just your voice. With your hands full of groceries, just talk to your home and let it do the rest. While their primary function is to respond to commands, in doing so, they also learn. The more a person interacts with voice-activated devices, the more patterns and trends the system identifies based on the information it receives. Then, this data can be utilized for determining user preferences and tastes, which is a long-term selling point for making a home smarter.

Recognizing the outstanding potential in this market, big brand names are vying for control. This has resulted in an increasing number of devices becoming compatible with more than one assistant. However, you must ensure to purchase devices from trustworthy companies such as Atom8. Their affordable and well-thought designs are made to retrofit into your lives seamlessly. Their products, such as Duo Switch8 and Quad Switch8, are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Google Assistant.

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Use cases of voice assistants:

“Set the thermostat to 72.”

You’ve just crawled into bed for the night, and the room feels too warm. You ask for the temperature to be lowered by a few degrees, and then drift off to sleep.

“Play rock songs from 1997.”

You can request and control streaming music and video, and which speakers you want to listen to.

“Turn off the living room lights.”

You can turn your smart lighting on and off, dim, and change the color of compatible smart light bulbs just by talking to your voice assistant.

Final thoughts

Technology is continuously advancing and changing, and the voice assistant market will progress along with it. Even today, this technology is flourishing in both capabilities and popularity. With Atom8 products, reliability and affordability wouldn’t be an issue. Make your life more convenient, more comfortable, and relaxed by investing in their voice assistant compatible products.

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