Smart Video Doorbell

Smart Wi-Fi video doorbell with chime ringers

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Introducing our Smart WiFi Video Doorbell, a revolutionary product designed to enhance your home's security while offering unmatched convenience. This cutting-edge device streams high-definition video directly to your smartphone or other connected devices, allowing you to monitor your doorstep in real time, no matter where you are. With its instant alerts, you'll know the moment someone approaches your home, while the integrated two-way communication feature allows you to speak directly with visitors or potential intruders. Furthermore, its sleek design and easy installation process make it a user-friendly addition to any home. The Smart WiFi Video Doorbell integrates seamlessly with your existing home network, transforming your house into a safer, smarter home. Secure your peace of mind today with this advanced, intelligent solution to home security.

Central Hub Not Required

Works on the proven and tested standards of the internet which makes it secure and future proof. No proprietary protocols resulting in vendor lock-in.

Extending signal to automation results in better Wi-Fi signal coverage across home. This means better Wi-Fi speeds and better streaming experience.

Extend signal using
Wi-Fi 6 MESH routers
Low latency of
< 200ms
Highly secure encryption type
256-bit AES
Highly secure encryption protocol
CCMP protocol

Tech Specs

Smart Wifi Video Doorbell
VDB Power Supply
12V DC / 12W
Power Adapter
230VAC (~) to 12V DC / 12W converter
18650 2200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
Maximum no. of simultaneous
Max distance between Chime and Video DoorBell
60 feet
Operating input voltage of Chime / Ringer
5V Micro USB or 3 * AAA Alkaline batteries
Operating temperature range
From 0°С to +65°С
Communication Protocol
Wifi 2.4GHz (802.11 b/g/n)
TLS 1.2 Client Certificate based authorization with server
Router Compatibility
≤ 5 devices - Compatible with most commercially available routers

> 5 devices - Wifi MESH (Wifi 6) routers are recommended for stable operation. ATOM8 recommends TP Link Deco M5 Mesh routers which can support upto 50 connected wifi devices including laptop, smart phones and other smart home automation devices. Other reliable brands include Netgear Nighthawk, Netgear Orbi and Uniquiti

NOTE:- We do not recommend Wifi 5 based repeater solution as it is highly unreliable and can lead to frustrating experience.
Dimensions (L * W * H)
155mm * 61mm * 19mm

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